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Oven fresh baguette with herb butter                                                  4,75

Cod fillet marinated in red beet with wasabi mayonnaise and big capers                                                                                                                      € 13,50 

Carpaccio “De Pijpenla”, thinly sliced ox beef with fitting accoutrements                                                                                                                     11,50

A roll of “Pull” beef rib-eye with a gingersnap of sesame and a soy vinaigrette                                                                                                             11,50

Bonbon of smoked Scottish Salmon and fresh crab with an avocado cream                                                                                                                   € 14,50

Thinly sliced Limburgs “grottenham” served with a mango chutney, hazelnut crunch and Klooster cheese                                                                € 13,50



Soup of the day                                                                                    € 7,50

Lightly bonded tomato soup with crème fraiche and basil (V)            5,75

Fine mustard soup with white Port (V)                                                 € 5,75

(you  simply must have tasted this)           

French onion soup au gratin with cheese                                            5,75


Hot starters 

Crispy fried frog’s legs with a fine garlic sauce                                  13,50

Homemade spring roll from wild mushrooms and a pesto of arugula € 12,50                                                          

In between courses we offer two flavours of home-made sherbet with champagne (granitez)                                                                             € 5,00


For a children’s menu please ask our staff



Fish dishes

Rouleaux of Dover sole fillet filled with lobster and a sauce of scallion and Pernod                                                                                                    € 19,50

Baked tiger prawns with sea salt marinated in hot spices and garlic  € 24,50

Grilled tuna fillet with a sauce of soy and garlic                                 € 22,50

Sea bass baked on the skin served with an antiboise of tomato and basil 

                                                                                                                € 21,50


Meat dishes

Chicken satay “special” with fries and a Russian salad                         13,50

Bresse chicken filled with fresh herbs with a gravy of Madeira wine     18,50

Strips of sirloin with pepper sauce served in a pan                                19,50

Tournedos of the Dutch beef and a sauce of caramelized shallots         23,50

Lightly smoked sucking pig from the oven with a sweet soy sauce, thyme and garlic                                                                                                       19,50

Chinese water dough filled with crispy vegetables and bio+ mozzarella au gratin (V)                                                                                                   € 18,50

Crispy fried veal candied peel served with a morel sauce                     € 21,50 Pork tenderloin “schlemmertopf” with mushrooms, bell pepper and union au gratin in a pan with cream brie                                                               € 19,50


Pie made of white chocolate, pistachio and champagne served with a sorbet of strawberry                                                                                            € 11,50

Crème brûlée from star anise and orange with a sorbet of lime              9,50

Parfait of Dutch “stroopwafel” served with a mousse of caramel and vanilla sauce                                                                                                        10,50

Brownie of fair-trade chocolate with a smoothie of fresh fruit               € 12,50

Children’s ice cream served in a surprising way                                    5,50

Cheese platter with different sorts of cheese and “kletskop” bread and apple syrup                                                                                                       12,50

Grand dessert (for those who cannot chose)                                            13,50                                                 

All ice creams are home-made in our kitchen


Special Coffees


Irish coffee                                

(whisky)                                    € 8,50

French coffee

(Grand Marnier)                        € 8,50

Calypso coffee

(Tia Maria)                                € 8,50

Pijpenla coffee

(cinnamon likeur)                     € 9,50

Miranda coffee

(Grand Marnier,

Sambuca, Kahlua)                    € 9,50



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